Business Center Veliko Tarnovo

BCVT is a completed project for the construction of a multifunctional building in the old Bulgarian capital. It features modern office space, conference, meeting and sports rooms, a gym, swimming pool, catering area and many other services needed by successful companies and their employees.

What sets this project apart?


The building is located on the former SBA (Union of Bulgarian Motorists) buildings in the western part of the city. Although it is not in the central part, in a straight line it is 300 m away from Veliko Tarnovo Mall, Praktis and Zora shops, 300 m away from the football fields of Sportno Tarnovo, 400 m away from Hemus tennis complex.


  • Flexible office spaces that can be configured according to the tenant's wishes
  • Parking for 230 cars, 160 bicycles and mopeds, several charging stations for electric cars
  • Commercial premises with direct access to the car park
  • Six conference rooms, with the largest for 500 people
  • Gym and swimming pool
  • Group sports hall
  • Catering kitchen and dining hall
  • Shared workspace (co-working)
  • Data centre for installing server equipment
  • Warehouse with the possibility of renting a pallet space or container for archives
  • Landscaped terrace-garden
  • Children's playroom
  • Car wash
  • Courier room



  • Reliable power supply, guaranteed by connection to two substations and diesel generators
  • Use of energy generated from renewable energy sources: Water and wind generators, solar panels, etc.
  • Energy saving air conditioning using geothermal energy
  • microclimate and lighting control through the innovative Zontromat system
  • Reduced air flows(blowing) through additional underfloor heating
  • Use of sound deadening materials in office spaces
  • High-speed Internet provided by several providers
  • Clean air in the work areas due to the location and the recuperation facilities allowing effective ventilation
  • Openable windows, terrace on each floor
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of the premises
  • Protection against fire and lightning
  • Access control to office premises
  • 24 hour security and CCTV