Spaces for Rent

BCVT offers office and retail space for rent with flexible configurations. On the open parking level are the commercial premises and on floors 3 to 8 are the office areas. The entire office area is divided into 96 zones with independent microclimate control. At the tenants' request, two or more zones can be combined into a common space. The smallest zone is about 60 sqm, but in the future we will offer separate offices with smaller square footage.

The BCVT offers a different approach to leasing business space. The building has many common areas: hallways, restrooms, meeting rooms, etc. that tenants can use. Thus, they rent only the effectively used area, where the workstations for their employees are. Everything needed is a few steps away, saving time. Almost all overheads are included in the maintenance fee, such as air conditioning and cleaning of sanitary facilities.