Tasting Dinner "Tastes of Spring"
Spring arrives with the blooming of nature, the rebirth of colors and the song of the forest, bringing with it the promise of new beginnings and freshness. This beauty is difficult to describe in words, and the real challenge is to recreate its essence through flavours and aromas.

In this spirit, we invite you on an extraordinary culinary journey - "Flavours of Spring" - a six-course tasting dinner that aims to weave the euphoria of spring with the sophistication and energy of high-quality food. But the journey doesn't stop there - we add a different Bulgarian wine to each course, selected with care to complement and enrich each dish with a unique character and message.

Behind the culinary masterpieces is Chef Kristian Angelov - a young and extremely talented chef with extensive international experience gained in a three Michelin starred restaurant in Germany. Chef Angelov will present you his original recipes that promise to enliven and saturate your senses with the unique flavors and aromas of spring.

Immerse yourself in this unique evening where every dish tells a story and every bite is a step on the path to spring's rebirth. Be part of this magical culinary experience that is sure to leave a memory for a lifetime.


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