Excellent start with the Building of the Year Award 2023
Receiving the Special Building of the Year Award from Business Center Veliko Tarnovo (BCVT) coincided with one of the most exciting moments for any new venture - the launch of the business. After the building successfully passed the state acceptance committee in November, the award came as recognition of the quality work and ambitious start of BCVT.

Celebration of New Opportunities
The Building of the Year Award was presented at a glittering ceremony at the Sofia Event Center on the evening of December 15. With this, BCVT made its bid to become the central venue for business and cultural events in Veliko Tarnovo.

Beyond the Prize
Although the award is significant, what is more important is what it represents - a confident start and a promise of development. The BCVT is not just a building with a modern façade and sophisticated interior, but a place that offers configurable office space, a convention centre and a host of amenities that are already benefiting residents and businesses in the city.

Recognition and Responsibility
The award came as confirmation to the team behind BCVT that their work was noticed and appreciated. It is an incentive for them to continue to develop and improve the centre's services while striving for a sustainable impact on the urban environment.

Distinctive Moment
The special Building of the Year Award will go down in the history of BCVT as a mark of a distinctive moment - the solemn beginning of its activities. It sets a high standard for the future and becomes a symbol of the centre's commitment to quality and innovation.



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